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Oxygen 1.2

December 17th, 2016

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Oxygen 1.2 makes Oxygen compatible with page builders like Visual Composer & Elementor, removes all caching, makes the Add+ section display vertically which hugely improves usability when browsing pre-built components, and includes a number of other interface enhancements and bug fixes.

We originally implemented caching to speed up page load times, but it caused a number of issues with page builder compatibility, and also a lot of confusion - for example, what happens if you save a re-usable part but not the page it's used on? The cache is only updated on save, and detecting all the pages re-usable parts are used on and clearing their caches automatically is unrealistic.

So we just removed it entirely. It was a headache for us and for users. We're going to continue to look for other ways to speed up page load times. For now, if you want caching and near-instant page load times, use a CDN.

Vertical Add Section
The Add section now displays vertically on the left side of the page. This is a massive usability improvement and makes it much easier to see what pre-built components will look like.

Page Builder Compatibility
With the release of Oxygen 1.2, Oxygen should now work with any page builder. Of course we can't test them all, but users are reporting it works fine with Visual Composer, Elementor, and Themify Builder.

Other Enhancements
We've fixed a number of bugs and made a number of UI enhancements.


  • Fixed: notices/warnings messages shown
  • Fixed: SVG icons not displaying in builder in Firefox
  • Fixed: ?xlink=css link generation to accommodate port numbers properly
  • Fixed: widget form white background issue
  • Fixed: background-image overlay color not working on frontend when applied via class
  • Fixed: toolbar taking double space in height, in Safari
  • Fixed: background leaking out of control in Safari
  • Fixed: span element doesn't save with re-usable parts
  • Changed: Add+ section now vertical
  • Changed: wrap with div behavior improved
  • Changed: Contenteditable caret positioning behavior improved
  • Changed: components screenshots to use ImgIX service
  • Added: PHP syntax highlighting in Code Blocks
  • Removed: No more double click to expand in DOM tree
  • Removed: caching

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