Get paid $49.50 per sale to refer customers to Oxygen.

Be an Oxygen affiliate.

Promote Oxygen and get paid 50% of each sale. For a $99 sale, that's $49.50. Get paid 7 days after the end of each month via PayPal.
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Payments via PayPal.
Monthly, net 7 payment schedule.
Get 50% commission - up to $49.50 per sale.
30 day tracking cookie.
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Program Guidelines

We review all affiliate applications on a case-by-case basis. Things we'd love for you to do:

 - Give your affiliate link to your customers
 - Your website visitors
 - Write articles about Oxygen vs other website building methods
 - Make videos about Oxygen
 - Promote Oxygen to your Twitter or Facebook audience

We will not approve any shady promotional methods. Affiliates that spam, deceive their users, stuff cookies, misuse and violate our trademarks, misrepresent their relationship with us, promote our coupon codes, promote affiliate links on websites where its expressly prohibited, will not be approved.

Want to talk biz dev?

We're always open to new ways of promoting Oxygen.

E-mail and let's talk!