The best interface for visual website design.

Oxygen runs inside WordPress, so once you design it, you're done.

No need to design in Photoshop, code HTML,
and then move it into WordPress. It's already there.

Down-to-the-pixel control.

With most visual editing tools for WordPress, you're limited to controlling just a few parameters for each element. So you can never get things looking exactly how you want.

With Oxygen, you build from fundamental HTML elements and visually edit their CSS properties. This gives you total, down-to-the-pixel control.

Build With Familiar Fundamentals

Construct pages from familiar elements like sections, divs, spans, headings, images, links, and lists.

Visually Edit CSS

Edit the CSS properties for every element using a visual interface to get everything looking just how you want.

Edit Element States

You can edit any pseudo-class - hover, before, after, and even complex pseudo-classes like nth-child(2n).

IDs, Classes, Custom Selectors

Edit the ID styles, or create a class to apply the same styles to multiple elements. If you need to get fancy and use custom selectors, simply write your own CSS in the Stylesheets tab of Oxygen.

Responsive Design, Done Right

Choose your media query from a dropdown.
Then create different styles for different devices.

Styles cascade down.

Styles you apply to one device automatically apply at all lower resolutions unless you override them.

No framework bloat.

No grids, no frameworks. With Oxygen, they aren't necessary. You get more flexibility, and faster page load times.

Pre-built responsive components.

The pre-built components included with Oxygen are all responsive so if you don't want to build from scratch you can start with responsive headers, menus, heros, content blocks, and more.

Template Parts: Headers, Footers, and Sidebars

With most visual editing tools for WordPress, you're limited to controlling the design of just your page body. The headers, footers, and sidebars are hard-coded into your theme and only limited options are available to customize them.

With Oxygen, you control your entire page - headers, footers, sidebars, and everything else. Oxygen's Reusable Parts feature allow you to display the same content in more than one place. Edit them centrally, and they update everywhere.
"Oxygen is like a page builder, but for people who hate page builders."

Features to help you build beautiful web pages.

Oxygen makes it easy to make stuff look great.

SVG Icons

Oxygen includes over 500 icons from FontAwesome and Linearicons. You can also upload your own SVG icon sets.

Over 800 Google Fonts

Use any Google Font on your pages. Just start typing in the fonts dropdown to use any font from Google's library.

Easily Tint Background Images

If the text over your background image isn't readable enough, you can easily tint the image visually, inside Oxygen.

Write HTML, CSS, JavaScript & PHP Inside Oxygen

See the results live. No refreshing.


Oxygen's visual interface lets you edit all common properties, but if you want add properties not included in the visual interface like transitions, gradients, etc. you can do so in the CSS tab for each element.

You can also create entire stylesheets using the Stylesheets tab of the DOM tree - useful for styling 3rd party plugin output.


Using the Code Block component you can insert custom HTML & PHP into your pages. You can call WordPress API functions and they'll behave just like they would if you manually put the code in a theme file.

JavaScript & JQuery

Create fancy interactions using JavaScript right inside Oxygen. Each element has a JavaScript tab and a template tag is available to dynamically insert that element's ID into the code, i.e. jQuery('%%ELEMENT_ID%%');

Solid under the hood.

Oxygen generates good code, runs fast, and is SEO friendly.
Designs created with Oxygen work in all modern browsers.

High Quality Code

The code output by Oxygen only includes the specific elements you've added to your page. You're not stuck with a bunch of extra HTML, CSS, and JS that serve no purpose.

No Unnecessary Bloat

Typical themes include 37 sliders, 15 menus, etc. and include the styles for all of them on your pages, slowing things down. Oxygen only outputs what you put on your page. Nothing else.

Search Engine Friendly

Oxygen works with any SEO plugin, and the code generated by Oxygen is search-engine friendly. You can change your heading tags so you aren't stuck with a bunch of h1 tags everywhere.