Hiring: Build a SaaS that provides disposable WordPress installations.

$40 per hour and 25-30 hours per week.

We are hiring an experienced WordPress developer to work on a new service that powers WP All ImportOxygen, and poopy.life. You will be building the checkout process and the dashboard that users use to manage their WordPress installations. You will work alongside an expert-level systems engineer and backend API developer.

We are a remote, distributed company, with team members in Europe, Asia, and North America. We believe in asynchronous communication, brevity, personal responsibility, honest feedback, and brutal prioritization.

We are looking for a WordPress developer with experience building subscription based platforms in either EDD or WooCommerce, frontend JS frameworks, and custom WordPress solutions. This is not an entry level position. Agencies, hiring managers, teams, or anyone who is not an experienced developer will not be considered.



We are a small team but we try to give everyone as much flexibility as possible. Flexibility means that you can work in the mornings, or the evenings, or both, or in the middle of the night, or whatever. It means you can take two weeks off to go on a trip. It means you can wake up and decide you don't feel like working and take the day off without telling anyone.

It doesn't mean you can work 20hrs more than normal one week and then 5hrs the next without telling anyone. It doesn't mean that you can work two 15 hour days and then take the rest of the week off without telling anyone.




What are your chances of getting this job?

If you have professional, verifiable experience building subscription based platforms in either EDD or WooCommerce, frontend JS frameworks, and custom WordPress solutions then you will be on a very short list of candidates.


To Apply:

Send an email to inbox@soflyy.com. Use ‘Hiring - Developer’ as the subject of your email. Your email should contain the following information:

1. Relevant Skills & Experience

Write a 1-2 paragraphs introducing yourself and describing your relevant experience. Provide links to the work you are most proud of - we are especially excited to see subscription based sites you've built, interesting UIs built in JS, WordPress projects you've worked on, popular GitHub repos, etc.

This is by far the most important part.

2. Skill Level

It is assumed you have extensive professional experience with both frontend and backend WordPress development.

Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 5 on your proficiency in the following technologies/tools. 1 if you've never used it, 3 if you've only modified existing code, 5 if you've had a dream or nightmare about it.

Finally, please tell us which frontend JS framework you prefer to work with and why.