As of May 31st 2018, Oxygen v1 is no longer available. Visit for Oxygen version 2.

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Common Tasks

Common Tasks

With Oxygen, you design your menu visually, like you would design any other part of your site.

Oxygen does not have native support for WordPress menus.

If you wish to use a native WordPress menu, you can use a menu plugin like Max Mega Menu. Create your menu using your menu plugin and Appearance -> Menus. Then add the menu to your page design by by pasting in the menu shortcode provided by the menu plugin to Oxygen's Add+ > WordPress > Shortcode component

Using a menu plugin is also the recommended way to create dropdowns and other complex, multilevel menus.


You can use any slider plugin like Revolution Slider, Layer Slider, or Soliloquy with Oxygen.

Create your slider using the slider plugin, then insert the slider shortcode into your page where you want the slider to appear by using the Add+ > WordPress > Shortcode component.

Video Backgrounds

We recommend using the Video Background plugin to insert video backgrounds.