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Included with Oxygen, free.

160 Components

50+ Pages

5 Pre-Built Example Websites

Build any modern website with the components in Next. The clean, professional look won't go out of style, and is generic enough for easy customization to suit any brand or industry.
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What is a Design Set?

Design Sets are groups of components and pages that have a similar style.
Combine these components and pages to create a complete website in minutes.


Components are generally sections of pages designed to lay out a specific type of content. From headers to social proof to feature blocks - we've got you covered.


Pages are created by combining and customizing components. Any page shown in our demos can be copied to your own site in one click.

Demo Websites

See real world examples of what you can do with the Components. Import any page on our demo websites to your own site in one click.

Beautiful websites, created with Next.

Each page shown on the demo websites can be copied to your own site in one click.


Over 30 pages of content and ways to display content. Everything you need to build a modern website is here.
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A beautiful and incredibly flexible website for any service company. Modify for unlimited possibilities.
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Use the personal demo for your personal website - including a resume and portfolio.
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The photographer website is designed to showcase your skill and get you more work.
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Conservative and simple, ideal for any professional services firm.
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Fully Responsive

All components are designed to look great at every screen size.

Customize Easily

Easily edit text and styes, and get a live preview of your changes.

Easy Setup

Import just the pages of your choice from the demo websites.

Better than a theme.

Drop in your content, images, and customize.

Edit your website with a live preview.

Instead of editing content in some text box in your admin panel, edit the content right where it shows up so you can see how it actually looks.

Total Customization

Every component is built using Oxygen's fundamental HTML elements and styled with Oxygen, everything is infinitely customizable.

No Bloat

Unlike typical themes that load a bunch of scripts and dummy content you don't need, when adding a component or page from a Design Set, Oxygen only loads the required resources.

Updates won't overwrite your changes.

Update Oxygen without the fear that any changes you've made will be lost. Since all your customizations are stored in the WordPress database, nothing is overwritten when updating.

Everyone is switching to Oxygen.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Lifetime Updates
World-Class Support
Unlimited Site License
Use On Client Websites
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The ultimate WYSIWYG visual editor plugin for WordPress.

More flexible than typical page builders and as powerful as hand-coding, Oxygen is quickly becoming the tool of choice for WordPress web designers.


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