Oxygen vs Webflow

Webflow is an awesome WYSIWYG design tool that runs in the browser. But the problem is that it doesn't run inside WordPress.

Oxygen has a very similar visual interface, and runs inside WordPress.

We love Webflow, but WordPress is a better CMS

We love Webflow, but the problem is that it doesn't run inside WordPress. Who wants to use the Webflow CMS? It's OK for simple things, but WordPress has been around a lot longer meaning that there are plugins so you can do anything.

Building a store with WooCommerce vs Webflow... the choice is obvious. WooCommerce. And the same goes for so many other things.

Because WordPress is open source has a community of hundreds of thousands of developers building plugins for it, it'll always be able to do more than Webflow.

But Webflow's design software is awesome. Wouldn't it be great if you could visually design websites inside WordPress? That's why we built Oxygen - visual website design software that runs inside WordPress.

Build pages from fundamental HTML elements like divs, paragraphs, images, lists, and links, and then use a visual interface to style their CSS properties.

All inside WordPress, so you can use it with WooCommerce or any other WordPress plugin, custom post types, etc.