Say goodbye to traditional theme development.

No more coding blind and endlessly saving, uploading, and refreshing.
Design and build all parts of your WordPress website visually, inside Oxygen.

Design every page of your website, visually.

Oxygen allows you to design every page of even the most complex websites
 without touching a single theme file.

Create Views for Anything

Views are like template files. With Oxygen you have can target posts, pages, archives, taxonomies, custom posts types, custom taxonomies and more.

Preview Every Use Case

When creating a post type template in Oxygen you can see what your design looks like for every page or post that view will apply to, making it easy to design for every use case.

Code Behaves As Expected

Writing PHP code into an Oxygen View will behave just like it would if you wrote it in a normal WordPress theme file. Use WordPress AP functions, run custom WP loops, and more.

Templating with Oxygen

Standard WP theme "template" files are replaced with Views in Oxygen. You design and build them visually.

Target any post type or archive.

Much like the WordPress template hierarchy, Views can be applied to just the content you want to target - all blog posts in a certain category, only Products in a certain taxonomy, all WooCommerce pages, any custom post type, etc.

Code with a live preview.

You can write PHP code blocks right inside of Oxygen to run custom WordPress loops, WP queries, or any other WordPress API functions & template tags. Code behaves like it would in a theme file or on the front-end, so you can preview and style the results live, directly from inside Oxygen.

Using Custom Post Types With Oxygen

Set up your Custom Post Types & Fields however you want.

Custom Post Types

Using a custom post type plugin like WKZ, CPT UI, Toolset or any plugin you prefer you can create a custom post type. Then in Oxygen you can create Views that apply to that post type.

Custom Fields

With Custom Fields, use your favorite custom fields plugin to set up your fields. Then add the field into your design using a shortcode or by adding a Code Block - just like you would when manually editing a theme file.

Using Code Blocks for Unlimited Control

Oxygen gives you the same power you get when hand-coding themes. Code behaves just like it would in a normal theme file, and you get visual feedback. No refreshing. 

Code Anything

Have a specific way you want something to look? Code your own archive, custom post type or single layout and style it within Oxygen. Know exactly what it will look like instantly.

Coding Custom Post Types

Creating a bespoke template for a page is literally a press of a button. You can then add your header and footer and design the page.

Plugin Pages

Often times you'll want more customisation than a plugins shortcode can offer. You can do that in Oxygen too. Add a code block and write your custom PHP, HTML, CSS and JS.

Custom Loops

Write your own WP loops to display archive content for your blog, or any other archive. Show custom fields and use any WordPress API function.

Style Code Block Output

Use styles attached to the code block or add full stylesheets in the sidebar to allow for quick addition and editing of styles.

Using Shortcodes and Widgets with Oxygen

Add shortcodes and widgets anywhere on your page.

Adding a Widget or Shortcode

You can add your widgets and shortcodes anywhere on the page. Widgets don't need to go in sidebars.

3rd Party Plugins

Using widgets, shortcodes or code blocks you can easily use 3rd party plugins for menus, sliders, or anything else.

Styling Widgets & Shortcodes

You can style write your own CSS to customize widget and shortcode output using Oxygen's Stylesheets feature.

Visually Edit All Parts of Your Website

Oxygen gives you total visual control of your headers, footers, sidebars, and menus.

What are Reusable Parts?

Reusable parts are essentially any content or design elements you want to code once and use multiple times. You can then edit and those changes will appear everywhere you're using that reusable part.

What can you use them for?

Use Reusable parts for headers, footers, sidebars, menus, call to actions, or anything else - any time you find yourself writing or designing something that is the same as before - make it a reusable part. 

How Do You Edit Them?

In Oxygen you edit your reusable parts in the same way you edit views - visually. Open them in the editor and change the design, and those changes will appear everywhere you've used the reusable part.

Menus, inside Oxygen.

The default WordPress menu editor is OK, but with Oxygen you have just as much control and can see exactly what you're going to be showing your visitors.

Oxygen Works With Your Favorite Plugins

When it comes to plugin compatibility, Oxygen behaves just like any other WordPress theme. That means if it works with a normal WP theme, it will work with Oxygen.