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Oxygen 1.1 - Performance Improvements

October 30th, 2016

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Oxygen 1.1 improves page load times and performance of the visual editor, along with various minor bug fixes and UX improvements.

Improved Editor Performance

We’ve significantly optimized the Oxygen Visual Editor, and performance is much better, especially on very large pages with lots of elements. Dragging & dropping in the DOM tree is much faster, elements are highlighted instantly instead of with a delay, and double-clicking to edit text is significantly faster.

Faster Page Load Times

We’ve optimized page load times on the frontend by minifying the CSS, cleaning up the HTML output, and making significant improvements to HTML & CSS generation time.

However, the current page load times are still not good enough for us. They’re not slow, but they’re not fast either. They’re mediocre, like most other page builders. So we continue to explore ways to make Oxygen load faster, and are confident we can release another round of very significant speed improvements in Oxygen 1.2.

Complete Changelog for 1.1

  • Improved: CSS load time reduced
  • Improved: editing text speed up
  • Improved: highlight components feature speed up
  • Improved: classes caching and CSS output speed up
  • Improved: prevented default custom JS code to be output on page
  • Added: check for balanced brackets in Stylesheets
  • Changed: behavior for where Re-usable and pre-built components should appear in the DOM Tree
  • Changed: remove default styling from Span component
  • Changed: made author option only show authors for Archive Views
  • Changed: default texts for contenteditable components
  • Fixed: webfonts loading in the builder issue, catch for undefined value
  • Fixed: :before/:after content: "" not being added for classes
  • Fixed: some characters encoding on page save
  • Fixed: FireFox layout bugs
  • Fixed: Code Block not working from Re-usable part builder mode
  • Fixed: unit selector boxes issue
  • Fixed: select2 JS script conflict with other plugins
  • Fixed: memory leaks while drag-drop in action
  • Fixed: paste text bug
  • Fixed: "undefined" re-usable styles broke id selectors
  • Fixed: Issues with Span component content editing

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