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April 19th, 2017

Oxygen 1.4.3

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Oxygen 1.4.3 adds WPML compatibility to Oxygen, and fixes the backwards-typing issue when renaming elements in the DOM Tree


April 4th, 2017

Oxygen 1.4.2

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Oxygen 1.4.2 is a minor update that fixes PHP notices and solves the "null" error when opening a template.


March 21st, 2017

Oxygen 1.4.1

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Oxygen 1.4.1 is a minor update that fixes compatibility issues caused by the 1.4 update and other minor bugs.


March 17th, 2017

Oxygen 1.4

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The main new features in Oxygen 1.4 are enhanced templating, and visual, point & click styling of plugins, widgets, shortcodes, and code blocks.

Oxygen is now a plugin, not a theme. Therefore, upgrading must be done manually. Follow these instructions to upgrade to Oxygen 1.4.


We've renamed Views to Templates and functionality has been significantly enhanced.

Instead of putting a reusable header and footer on all of your pages, you can now create a template containing your header and footer, apply it to any or all your pages, and then design the inner content of the pages with Oxygen.

For any content, you can choose or override the template that will be used to display it. A new Inner Content component can be placed inside templates to display the page's inner content. This will either show the contents of the WordPress post content field, or you can design the inner content with Oxygen.

An Oxygen menu has been added to the admin bar so you can open Oxygen in one click from the frontend.

Selector Detector: Point & Click Plugin, Shortcode, Widget, and Code Block Styling

Customize the output of shortcodes, widgets, and code blocks visually. Click on the element you wish to customize, and then style it visually with Oxygen.

A CSS selector will be auto-detected, and you can customize the CSS selector using a simple interface to precisely apply your styles to the exact elements you want.

Other Enhancements

We've fixed a number of bugs and made some minor UI & functionality enhancements.


February 9th, 2017

Oxygen 1.3.1, 1.3.2, 1.3.3, and 1.3.4

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Oxygen 1.3.1, 1.3.2, 1.3.3, and 1.3.4 are minor updates with various bug fixes and enhancements. 1.3.1 is the most important release, which fixes an issue with widgets saved in 1.2 not loading in 1.3. We've also tweaked our license verification system to work better on localhost.


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