As of May 31st 2018, Oxygen v1 is no longer available. Visit for Oxygen version 2.

Getting Started Guide

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Downloading Oxygen

After purchasing Oxygen, you can download it from the customer portal.

You can also set up free, fully-featured testing installations of Oxygen at

Installing Oxygen

Install Oxygen just like a normal WordPress plugin.

In your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload, and upload the .zip files for Oxygen and our add-ons.

Entering Your License Keys

To enable access to our pre-built components and design sets, and to enable access to software updates, enter in your license keys on the Oxygen -> License screen.

What theme do I use with Oxygen?

It doesn’t matter what theme you use, because Oxygen disables your theme entirely.

Oxygen controls the design of every part of your site - headers, content, footers, and everything else.

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