As of May 31st 2018, Oxygen v1 is no longer available. Visit for Oxygen version 2.

Getting Started Guide

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You can use Oxygen with any WordPress plugin. In general, they will behave just like the do when using them with a “normal” WordPress theme. The one exception is that Oxygen does not store its designs in the WordPress post content field, so plugin functionality that expects this will not behave as expected.

Inserting Plugin Output

Some plugins generate output that you'd like to insert into your page.

Use a shortcode, widget, or Code Block to display this output.

Add a shortcode from Add+ > WordPress > Shortcode.

Add widgets from Add+ > WordPress > Widgets.

Add a Code Block from Add+ > Fundamentals.

Styling Plugin Output

When the Oxygen Selector Detector add-on is installed, you can point and click on plugin output to style it.

Clicking on plugin output will detect a CSS selector that applies to the elements you clicked on. You can adjust the selector to apply it to the exact elements you wish, and then create styles for it just like you'd style any other element in Oxygen.

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